How MyGym can help you to manage your membership business

Now you can register with mykad and issue member card. You can track your gym and fitness members' expiry date on monthly basis easily when they walk in to your gym and fitness center. And you can generate daily, weekly and monthly sales report for both members and non-members. You can link all your gym centers to online database too. So your members can walk in to any gym centers without charges. New feature updated: Point Of Sales (POS) - you can sell gym products and services now. With Pro Version, you can limit member's entry and exit with door access control and tripod turnstile.

Point of sales (selling products)

You can sell member and non-member price on every sales item. You can use barcode scanner to detect product price and offer discount as well.

Membership by number of entry

You can limit membership by number of entry within a period. The system will auto detect and prompt message when all entries have been used up.

Wallet, bonus and introducer system

You can add on other modules to enhance your business. We have wallet system, point redemption system and member get member system.

Tripod turnstile and door access integration

You can link the membership expiry date to the turnstile and door access as well.